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My name is Kevin Butler.

I grew up in a small, blue-collar beach town in Northern California that most people never leave. I attended both private and public schools, neither of which affected my grades for better or worse. In general, school bored me. I got through it, disinterested, without trying any harder than absolutely necessary.


Luckily, when I entered public high school, I had a few extra units from my time at a private “college prep” school. This created space in my schedule to explore electives; so, I took the same ceramics class 3 times and the same painting class 4 times.


After high school, I enrolled in a full load of art classes at the local community college. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was lucky to have parents that didn’t care enough to say anything. One day a friend invited me to join him on a tour of an art school in San Francisco. I decided to go, but only because I was curious to see the painting studio. Luckily, it was a group tour, which introduced me to new disciplines like industrial design, graphic design, illustration, film and advertising.


I left the tour inspired and wanted to major in everything. For the first time in my life, I envisioned a future for myself doing something I actually enjoyed. Luckily, by the time I was 21 years old, I'd found a way to make a living doing something I loved.


My career includes time as a Copywriter, Creative Director, and Commercial Director working on global brands including Apple, Facebook, Airbnb, Google, Twitter, Sony PlayStation and Tinder.


I'm also a creator of  "Rad Cars With Rad Surfboards" which has an international following.


Luckily, I continue to be exposed to people in creative careers that I didn’t even know existed.


I intend to introduce kids—including my own—to these lesser-known, but very real and inspiring, opportunities.


My hope is that no kid has to be as lucky as me to find their calling.

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