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A docu-style series that exposes kids to today's creative-based jobs and the inspiring people who do them.

This show is not about A-List celebrities with one-in-a-million gigs. It's about introducing kids to real, attainable options and the people who actually do them.

The people we feature are not famous. They make a living in a creative field doing what they love. 


For example: We wouldn't feature Kanye to talk about a career in music. Instead, we might meet a studio musician, a recording engineer, a music supervisor, or a composer.

Every episode follows the same structure to provide a clear understanding of the job, and what our viewer should do if they want to do it.

The structure:

10% Intro - Every episode starts with our host in a yellow bus on her way to our creator's "office". She talks about where she's headed and what she expects based on her own limited understanding of the job.

20% Observe - Once on location, we don't jump right in. We always see our creator in action first. We explore the space. We create questions in our viewer's mind.

60% InvestigateThe bulk of each episode is questions designed to help our viewer understand the job.

How did you learn how to do this?

How do you make money?

10% Reflect - As our host leaves, she reflects on the experience. This helps our viewer process and remember the important details.

Lastly, we always give our creator the opportunity to speak to the viewer directly by answering the question:

What would you tell someone who wants to do what you do?

Art and creativity is being de-funded and stripped out of education. Rather than helping kids find their passion and reach their full potential, we are preparing them for jobs that no longer exist or that most people don't want in the first place.


Today, kids go through school memorizing information to get into college, which forces them into debt and leaves them unprepared for the world we actually live in.

Our world needs more creativity, more inspiration, and more passion. The purpose of this show is to inspire kids with real-life options in current creative fields.

The mission is to expose kids to creative jobs and inspire them to follow their passions. This mission is bigger than a show.

We also want to provide hands-on experiences that give kids an opportunity to explore new passions, create, and grow.​

Workshops are free classes within the disciplines featured in our episodes and are co-taught by our featured creators.

They would be held in creativity-deprived communities and each workshop would culminate in an exhibition / performance for the larger community.

At these events all the work presented is created by the kids in the workshop.


Close your eyes and imagine an art store.

As an artist, I can tell you it's not an inspiring space and it doesn't represent the actual artistic community. There's no art inside and most of the products feel cheap and dumbed-down.

Now, imagine our mission applied to online and brick-and-mortar art supply stores.

Instead of selling frames, pre-stretched canvas and puff paints, we'd create a space for the up-and-coming artistic community to hang out, learn, be inspired, and get the best quality materials to continue growing in their work.

That's it.

Shoot me an email. Let's start making Season 1.

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